Cooperation Between Alhoda and India's Cultural Representation to Iran and India Literary Projects

Cooperation between Alhoda and India’s Cultural Representation to Iran on Iran and India Literary Projects

Alhoda International Publishing Institute and India’s Cultural Representation to Iran start to cooperate in three areas: researches, literature, and holding artistic and visionary exhibition in Iran. According to Public Relations Department of Alhoda International Publishing Institute, Dr. Abdolsami, India’s cultural envoy to Iran, and Hamid Reza Shahabadi, Managing Director of Alhoda, analyzed the joint interests and cooperation fields of I. R. Iran and India in a visit the former paid to Alhoda site. Dr. Abdolsamie, who is familiar with Iran’s history, welcomed Shahabadi’s propositions on joint cooperation. Main contribution of Alhoda in holding visionary and artistic exhibitions of Indian artists, conducting cultural studies and literary activities in terms of classic and modern literature of Iran and India were three main subjects of cooperation between these two cultural institutes. India has held several exhibitions of visionary arts, especially calligraphy, of its artists in several countries. Dr. Abdolsamie, India's Cultural representative to Iran, is one of Prof. Iftikhar Hussein Aref's apprentices, the current head of ECO cultural Institute, who is familiar with Iranian classic and modern literature.

Af7 it oF id, “Publishing and working in book field has improved in Afghanistan since early 1380’s. Afghanistan’s publishing industry has started to apply international standards and today it is equipped with modern printing houses as well as hardware and software equipments and facilities.”


Referring to both qualitative and quantitative development training centers and schools in Afghanistan, Aazem said, “Afghanistan society has started its strides towards science and it entails development of publishing industry in Afghanistan.” On the other hand, the developed publishing industry in Afghanistan has encouraged many audiences either inside or outside this country to read Afghan productions.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Aazem continued, “Fortunately, today works of Afghan publishers have found many audiences; as you can study the statistics released about sales of Afghan books in Iran International Book Fairs and also inclination of Persian books agencies in Europe within three past years.”

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